“Jane” a riso printed zine about being ‘yourself’ :)

Jane was a part of my first feedback session in my master study. It’s all started with one picture of a girl who’s very confident and trying to be herself while always being judged by social/people. Social norms always put people in the categories such as how ‘male’ or ‘female’ should be. 

The first version of Jane zine was printed in a various colour paper covers.

In the second feedback session, I re-do the work from a single image to a short comic about her, write and tell more about this person- Jane is the name I’ve chosen from all the names started with “J” according to the person who inspired me to draw the first image (Julia). And printed by the riso machine for only 10 copies, then gave away to all my class (and realised I didn’t even keep one for my own lol).

Jane and other zine and my friend’s work at Comic Festival 2019

Last month we had an International Comic Festival in Stockholm and held at my school; Konstfack. So I decided to print Jane again by the riso machine for only 40 copies. 

Now Jane is also available at Konst-ig Konstbokhandel in Södermalm, Stockholm. Very nice looking, my Jane!


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