Master Pretender: I Didn’t Know Sweatshirt Can Be This Cool!


“Never thought that I was weak
Always thought I could get hurt pretty bad
Still get up on my own two feet

I always believed that I was free
That I had some sense of integrity
That would rise above whatever tried to change me

But honey now I won’t wait
For something to bring me around and smile
‘Cause that only sticks for a while
Then I’m back again

Oh, I’m a master pretender”

-First Aid Kit (Master Pretender)

I was struck by this song from First Aid Kit, one of my all time favorite bands. Sometimes you know you can just be a master pretender, pretending that everything’s fine when you’re just fucked up inside (well, I mean sometimes, not all the time)

So I decided to use one of their song title as an idea to paint on a sweatshirt I got a while ago, but I hate PLAIN, so I grabbed some acrylic paint and took a few hours on it. Then this appeared.

Though my tiger looks ugly, I still like them!

Cheers! more to come 🙂



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