“Rules of A One-Night-Stands” (Lesbian Version) A zine, a comic, or whatever you call

In 2016 I experienced something interesting, and that should mean it also related to ‘love’ so I decided to quick draw one comic series called “The Rules of A One-Night-Stands” (Lesbian Version) -well, please ignore my English grammar since I know it’s not that good!

It took me only 20 minutes to finish it as I wasn’t serious about it so much, then I decided to post them on my FaceBook page.

Later, in the late of 2018 before the Christmas Market day at Konstfack. I decided to print them out of the Riso printing machine, with the help of my friend (AKA King of Riso) It was a very fun job and the outcome is very satisfying.

The One night stands story turned into a zine with 7 different cover colours and I sold them at the Christmas Market. The funniest but also loveliest part was the ‘reaction’ of the readers, they’re all giggling at the zine and I know almost ALL of them can relate to it, regardless of your gender!

Also, I still have more copies available. Feel free to contact if you want some..  and just so you know, I’m not a big fan of One Night Stands!


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