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“Last Days of Dancing” the memory of something related to love

A week after New Years I got an email from school about Konstfack Open House, so it would be great to exhibit some of our works in the corridor even though it’s nothing big, I still would love to create something nice and new after losing all energies from the New Year’s Holidays.

“Last Days of Dancing”

“Last Days of Dancing” is a song name from one of my favourite Swedish singers, Maja Francis.
This song sounds cheerful but at the same time it has some hidden meaning of the not-so-good love related.
Here are some part of the lyric;

I’ve got a feeling that the last days of dancing are coming soon
And I have to get ready
I organize myself and tell my friends that they should get ready to
Try to keep my hands steady
I fall down, I don’t mind
I don’t wanna change it, I don’t wanna change it
I think of love love love but still don’t know what it means and my heart feels heavy
I lose it all with somebody that doesn’t know how to feel

I took a few hours to re-draw this image by a black thick lined marker and added some colours by copic markers my friends gave me. It turned out that almost everything looks 50% better when you put them in a frame.

The original version of this image has another name and background but I decided to re-do it with another colours and a better version, turned out as great as it could be and I love it!

While putting the frame up on the wall, my teacher says “last days of dancing, that sounds depressing huh?!” then I replied with a smile “YES, it does”

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